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What Does My Aura Reading Mean? An Aura Component Breakdown

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

If you have had your aura read before, it may have been more complicated and comprehensive than you were expecting, or just a simple reading of your “aura color”. Your aura is the magnetic field that surrounds all living beings and can also be called the Human Energy Field or HEF. Aura readers are able to see or feel this field as a color, which reflects a person’s energy and personality traits. While simply spouting off a color and claiming it to be a person’s aura can provide some insight into this person’s natural energetic state, it gets much deeper than that. Did you know that a person’s aura can reflect more than one, even several different colors, each providing their own unique insight into a person’s spiritual being? Did you know your aura can change? These separate aura colors can be found in unique locations surrounding the body, and where each one is placed tells us something different. So what does my aura reading mean? Here is a breakdown of what we can learn from the complex aura components visible in a 3D aura reading.

To start, let’s identify where these aura components can be found, and what they can each mean in these positions.

Center Aura Color: Your center aura color is your most stable aura component, and is the component that most reflects your main personality. When you hear of certain personality traits being associated with specific aura colors, they are most likely referring to this aura component.

Top of The Head Aura Color: The aura component shown near the top of your head is a representation of your mind and mental energies and activities you are currently expressing. It is an indication of the goal you have in mind and is typically an indicator of where that person is now.

Bottom of The Aura Color: The bottom color in your aura, much like the roots and strong trunk of a tree, represent your foundation. If your bottom aura component is strong, it is a sign that you have a strong foundation and are a well grounded individual.

Left Side of The Aura Color: As stated, you aura color is not set in stone. It is constantly flowing as you move through life to reflect your inner state. Imagine this aura entering and leaving your body, flowing from left to right. The left side of your aura color is the inner chi-energy that you are bringing into your life. It can also represent the direction you are heading towards, or the path you are currently taking.

Right Side of The Aura Color: Conversely, the right side of your aura color represents what you are expressing outwardly to the world, your output rather than your input. This aura component is how others see and perceive you, and represents the energy you are leaving behind.

Color and Shade:

Each of these aura components can house a specific color. Based on this color, and it’s shade, we are given a unique perspective into our inner selves, and the positive and negative energies in our lives. A dark, clouded or muddy can reveal energetic sluggishness or sickness. This can be caused by trauma, or an imbalance within your inner self. If your aura is strong and vibrant, it is a sign of spiritual awareness and well being.

What to do With This Insight:

After your aura reading, you will receive information and graphs proving a detailed analysis of your aura and its components. Simply knowing about these energy centers can help you steer toward a more balanced life. Your aura reading will allow you insight as to how strong your aura is, which of your aura centers are bright and healthy, and which are low and may require attention and balancing.

We encourage you to also take note of what colors are opposite to your aura on the yin-yang color wheel. This wheel gives you a complete range of all aura colors. Have you ever noticed that with some people, you click with automatically, while others just don’t seem as compatible? This could be because their aura is complementary to theirs, and you provide a sense of relaxation and balance to each other.

Gain Insight Into Your Relaxation/Stress Levels, and Energy Level.

Energy level? like why I’m so tired all the time? Not quite, although fatigue can be an indicator of spiritual imbalance. Your energy level describes your balance in three main areas: physical energy, emotional energy, and spiritual energy. Again, balance can be achieved in each of these energy fields by seeking balance with the intangible or ethereal parts of the self with the help of your holistic life coach, and establishing and maintaining strong, healthy, and uplifting relationships.

There is a lot that can be gleaned from an aura reading. While a simple aura reading can provide a high level overview into your inner self, a 3D chakra reading can provide a much more detailed perspective. 3D aura reading with Cindy Healing Service will provide you with all this information, and through holistic life coaching, guide you into spiritual balance and well being.

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