Aura Reading

Learn more about and connect with your inner self. Transcribe your mental, physical, and spiritual state with  3D Aura Readings with Cindy Healing Service. Aura is a natural energy that is emitted from all living things. This energy can often have a particular color depending on its frequencies, and it will reflect a person’s mind, body, and inner being. A lot about a person’s inner self and current state can be interpreted based on this color. Some examples of aura colors and their common interpretations include:

  • Violet: Others experience your smoothing and spiritual energy.

  • Indigo: Others experience your sensitivity and idealism.

  • Blue: Others experience your energy as cool and calm.

  • Green: Others experience your energy as balanced and harmonious.

  • Yellow: Others experience your energy as optimistic and intelligent.

  • Orange: Others experience your energy as creative and productive.

  • Red: Others experience your energy as active, competitive, and passionate.


Each person has their own unique aura about them, and finding out more about yours will provide insight to your inner being. Why are you immediately attracted to some people while others seem less compatible? What does this have to do with your personality and how can your aura reflect your likes, dislikes, or current state of being? A 3D aura reading with Cindy Healing Service can provide insight to all of these questions with a deep reading and analysis of your own personal aura. Make an appointment today for your own personal aura reading and analysis to find out more about your natural energetic state.

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