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Holistic Health

Focusing on your holistic health focuses on self-care in four main areas: Physical, Mental & Emotional, Social, and Spiritual & Energetic. Feeling wellness and fulfillment in all of these areas of your life creates a sense of inner peace in all aspects of your life. Holistic Health integrated with Grand Rising Care, LLC at Cindy Healing Services will guide you into wholeness and wellbeing in all of these areas. Please find examples below of basic self-care steps in each area that you can take to promote physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellness. We invite you to take part in these activities in your daily life. Try to check off at least 2 each week, from each category. Take note of how you feel.  



  • Go for regular walks at least three to four times a week

  • Go for a swim once per week

  • Drink one extra glass of water a day

  • Eat one extra piece of fruit a day

  • Prepare a healthy lunch at home and avoid eating out

  • Declutter your space. Try cleaning one room at a time.

Mental & Emotional:

  • Learn to say no when you need to

  • Keep a healthy work/ life balance

  • Journal your feelings

  • Talk with a trusted friend or counselor

  • Take an art or writing class

  • Join a club

  • Visit a museum or gallery

  • Keep a gratitude journal of all the things in life you are thankful for

Spiritual & Energetic

  • Meditation

  • Journal

  • Spend more time in nature

  • Try Energy Healing & Clearing


  • Make it a point to meet up with friends once a week

  • Join a class or women’s/men’s group

  • Go on a date night with your partner

  • Enjoy an outing with your family  

For more guidance, give us a call. We will advise you on how to best promote your physical, spiritual, social-emotional wellness for a clearer picture of holistic health. 240-704-4266

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