Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing begins with the self. Often times, the blockages that result in anxiety, depression, and other adversities are in part due to an imbalance in your energy. At Cindy Healing Services, we will work towards reaching a balance within yourself and uncovering the root sources of blockages that may be causing your emotional trauma.


Contrary to what you may think, achieving inner peace is not done by having a greater amount of light energy than dark energy, or an absence of dark energy at all. Instead, these two energies can be better thought of as two polar sides of the same energy like yin and yang. Both of them are necessary, and achieving a balance between the two can sometimes be difficult. When there is a balance between these two energies, you will feel a sense of stability; This is your natural state. When you are in this state, you are able to quickly recognize when you are out of it (or when your energies are temporarily imbalanced) and you are quickly able to restore this balance when it is disrupted.

How Do I Come Back From Being Imbalanced?

When either of these two energies are overpowering another, it will result in external negativity. This negativity can then manifest itself in the form of anxiety, or depression. At Cindy Healing Service, we will reevaluate your connection to your light and dark energy. Improve your inner balance with our spiritual life coaching and healing services. Call 240-704-4266 to get started.