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Grand Rising Care and Cindy Healing providing high quality Home Health Care services to seniors in Anne Arundel and Prince George's County, Maryland. Seniors that live alone and are at significant risk for falls, medication errors and mental stress. Some feel loneliness and isolated. We Respect Your Privacy and help senior stay safe and happy in their own home at affordable rates. All information about our clients and their family is kept strictly confidential. We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured to protect our clients. Our rates reflect high-quality caregiving. Our caregivers are active people who love helping others! Mature Caregivers are more in touch with the needs and desires of seniors. In addition, they are dependable, honest, and caring. For you, this translates into peace of mind, and the highest quality of service.



“Within the next five years Grand Rising Care will have enriched the lives of individuals and become a recognized facility known to create extraordinary services and a harmonious environment. Offered in an atmosphere of dignity, integrity, empathy, compassion, and respect for each person we serve.”


Meet Tara Queen Ph.D.

Dr. Tara is the owner of Grand Rising Care. Her plan is to bring a spiritual foundation into the delivery of services in healthcare. She started a Residential Service Agency because of her empathy for the clients and family members needing help through the transitioning of dementia and Alzheimer and it moved her with compassion giving her clients peace and contentment. Tara knows it takes a special kind of person to know the needs and services of each individual client. She has built a team to help her. She plans to not only to have a first point of contact with the family but visiting homes to make sure they are getting the proper services and care they need.


The name Cindy Healing Services comes from a nickname Dr. Queen adopted when she was younger, Cinderella. She wanted to bring magic to earth and when she was younger, she thought being Cinderella was the best way to do that. As she's progressed through life, she recognized she still wanted to accomplish that goal of bringing magic to the conscious world so she pursued a path that would facilitate that. Dr. Tara Queen is now a published author and expert in the field of holistic and spiritual healing. She believes everyone was placed on this planet for a reason and is passionate about helping each individual find their path and healing.


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