Mission Statement:

“Cindy Healing Services is devoted to developing human potential. Our mission is to help people create success in all areas of life. Self-development, spiritual growth, reaching goals and aspirations, a lifestyle of creating a dream career, financial freedom, and love with a soul mate or twin flame. We aim to become a regionally recognized brand by delivering high-quality services to strengthen individuals and the economy. As a whole, we have faith that the best in each of us enrich the lives of all of us.”


What is a Holistic Life Coach?

Holistic life coaching, also known as spiritual life coaching, centers around helping you to make the most of yourself. A Holistic Life Coach approaches every aspect of a person’s life through spiritual and metaphysical life coaching. It is a holistic life coach’s job to help you take conscious control of your life. People often go through life on an “autopilot” mode. This is when they are simply going through the motions of life. They are simply reacting to events as they happen, rather than creating their own path. Our Holistic Life Coaching in Annapolis MD will help you to gain control back and take an active role in defining your own path so you can live your life in a more joyful, fulfilled, and purposeful way.


How Does Holistic Life Coaching Work?

A holistic or spiritual life coach takes joy in each client's individual aura and uniqueness. Your holistic life coach will begin by deeply examining what makes a person their unique selves. Through chakra reading and 3D aura reading, we are given a closer look at a person’s metaphysical connection with the world around them. This closer look then gives us insight into blockages and inner obstacles that may be keeping you from living your life to your fullest potential. By identifying these obstacles, we are able to work through them for an overall feeling of wellness you will need for spiritual growth.


How is Holistic or Spiritual Life Coaching Different than Therapy or Counseling?

Unlike therapy or a counseling session may be, your holistic life coaching journey will not be rooted in the past. While therapists and counselors are experts in the fields of trauma, past issues, and mental illness, a holistic life coach takes a more forward-looking approach by helping one take control of their future. Our Holistic life coaching Annapolis, MD program will partner you with a holistic/spiritual life coach who will, through manifestation and unique insight, help you to design your life moving forward by setting goals to realize and attain your dreams.  


Cindy Healing Services invites you to begin your spiritual journey. Our spiritual life coaching program Annapolis MD will help you to embrace your truest spiritual self and metaphysical connection to the universe. We will help you to work through the metaphysical blockages and inner obstacles you may not even know that you are facing through:

  • Comprehensive 3D Aura Readings

  • Chakra Readings

  • And Helping you to Balance Light and Dark Energy Within Yourself.


Meet Tara Queen Ph.D

Dr. Tara Queen began her career in the medical field as a medical assistant and a direct care worker. When she realized that she wanted to spend her career helping others, outside of the realm of general medicine, she found holistic healing and fell in love with the helping people connect with their inner selves in a practical way.

The name Cindy Healing Services comes from a nickname Dr. Queen adopted when she was younger, Cinderella. She wanted to bring magic to earth and when she was younger, she thought being Cinderella was the best way to do that. As she's progressed through life, she recognized she still wanted to accomplish that goal of bringing magic to the conscious world so she pursued a path that would facilitate that. Dr. Tara Queen is now a published author and expert in the field of holistic and spiritual healing. She believes everyone was placed on this planet for a reason and is passionate about helping each individual find their path.



“Within the next five years, Cindy Healing Services will be a well-known company. They will have enriched the lives of many and develop a harmonious environment by helping humanity reach their full potential. In return, people will be whole within themselves and have a prosperous life.”

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