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Your mind is controlled by You!!

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I notice people say I rebuke you for allowing me to say that as they speak to them which they call the enemy. You have the power to control what is inside of you. People could only try to trick you by using your words or thoughts against yourself because you are a powerful being. Because the saying goes, ignore the evil one and he shall flee. Stop wasting time and energy to rebuke people and start saying, I am loved, I am blessed, I am abundance and take action to live that life of peace you speak daily. Be unshakable and build your house on a rock. Your body will only go in the direction of what you are feeding your mind. Guard your heart and be careful with the images and voices that enter into your subconscuous mind because it will cause you to act on that very thing you are thinking. Think positive and allow your negative thoughts to come through so y0u can fix what you use to believe about yourself and others. Do not go against yourself by rejecting a negative emotion, see where it originated from so you can work on it to move your life forward.

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