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Where are you at on this scale? Are you moving towards your goal?

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Alpha and Omega which is Ultimate consciousness are just polarities of each other. Without the depth of black, there will be no light. If you recognize shame or guilt within you replace it with self-love or self-worth to move your life forward. Do not be afraid to move away from people that are not trying to move up in their energy of love. Love them at a distance and just know no one is stopping you but yourself.

Sometimes, friends, we grew up with or a partner does not want to grow and make a conscious choice to stay stagnation. Those people are no longer equally yoke so love them at a distance as you seek your own truth and discoveries about yourself. Be at peace with your environment but do not stay stuck with people who want to live unconsciously. You can not help others by staying stuck with them. You must remove yourself and grow in order for others to grow.

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