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What is your life path number?

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Spiritual Life Coach in Annapolis MD

There is a reason why we all came to earth. The day we were born was no accident. 

Life path 1: Leader

Life path 2: Motivator/creator

Life path 3: communicator/ speaker

Life path 4: Builder/ problem solver

Life path 5: endless talent 

Life path 6: Server / responsible one

Life path 7: Thinker, analyze, the source of knowledge

Life path 8: manifest of the material world

Life path 9: Humanitarian

Life path 11: intuitive 

Life path 22: Humanity master

life path 33: a spiritual teacher

*Calculations examples: 1/3/1982

1+3 = 4 

1+9+8+2 =  20

4+2 = 6

This person would be a life path 6

*Always reduce to a single digit. 

Everything was a seed( acorn) before it became a tree. Once you know more about yourself through Spiritual Life Coach in Annapolis MD ( know thyself) and your purpose in life, it will show improvement in your career, health, finance, and relationships~

Contact us today to get started with Spiritual Life Coach in Annapolis MD!

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