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Vision becomes reality when we focus!

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Are you Ready? People are feeling this divine energy and if you know something is about to happen, stand firm and speak to it. We must be faithful for the things we want to create in the here and now. The closer you get to your dream, of course, you will see an opposing force. But speak to that mountain and tell it to go straight to the sea and it shall be done!! know that you are on the right path and change hurts because of pressure of bringing forth new things. God said I am about to do a new thing! This is the life you see inside of you that you want to bring to the earth in the process of creating.

We all know that all painful things bring promotions. Every level is a different level of transition. Keep working on your gifts and abilities. Keep refining it! As you believe so shall you receive! A lot of people give up when they standing at their crossroads. Keep going towards your prize because going back is going to hurt the most. Be free and operate in your gifts and abilities. Are You Ready? If so, speak to that mountain, be tho remove!!!

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