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Move with the flow of the Universe~

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Living a balanced life is physical, mental & emotional, spiritual & energetic, and social.


1. drinking a glass of water

2. walking 3x a week

3. eat a piece of fruit a day( remember an apple a day keep the doctor away:)

4. de-cluttering rooms within your home


1. join a class/ group/ or mentor

2. date with a partner

3. family gatherings

4. meet up with friends once a week

Mental & Emotional

1. visit an art gallery

2. learn to say no

3. keep a gratitude journal

4. journal your feelings

Spiritual & Energetic

1. spending time in nature

2. meditation.

3. reading spiritual books or listening to motivational speakers

4. energy healing/ candles/ incense

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