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Let Go!

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Sometimes when things are out of harmony with our nature we have to learn to surrender and refocus where we intend and want to go. Whether it is a career goal or relationship we must create that path for ourselves by living in our truth!! Our intuition is always right instead of listening to our rational mind. So as things that no longer serve your soul, you must move forward and lay down that stronghold.

As you become aware of yourself and others this is a life of living consciously. Let go and allow new energy to enter into your life. This life flow is the ever-flowing river of peace, love, joy, and abundance. When the mind is free from worry and being overactive it can see things clearly and move forward to create the life it really deserves and wants to create. Let go and allow the life forces from the universe to move through you to live in abundance today!

Living in fear, anger, and unforgiveness is blocking the flow of life. These are the areas where a lot of people are stuck. Letting go is not for another person it is to free yourself from being stuck. Humans are not meant to come to earth to live in slavery free your soul from whatever is keeping you chained up and start walking in harmony with the universe.

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