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How You Can Cleanse Your Aura?

Have you ever felt completely drained and not quite sure why? You’ve been getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy, so what’s the problem? You may be in need of an aura cleanse. Our auric fields are extensions of our physical selves, not only can they be seen with proper practice, they also interact with other people and the world around us. Like most things, with all of this interacting, your aura is bound to become tired and drained by a number of different causes. Your aura could grow weary from toxic relationships in your life, both personally and professionally, over stimulation, and many more factors. Fortunately, it is easy to cleanse your aura with these 5 simple methods.


Meditating, or even simply taking time out of your day to quietly reflect, can do wonders for your aura and your spiritual, mental, and physical health. Find an area where you can comfortably sit and cleanse your aura. This can be at home, in nature, or wherever you feel at peace and free of distractions. Try visualizing your aura while you are here. Visualizing and becoming more in tune with your aura will help you to become more aware of it and able to cleanse it when necessary.

Take a Walk Through Nature:

This simple activity can sometimes be just the cleansing experience you need. It is easy to become distracted and spiritually bogged down by our jobs and day to day lives. Taking the time to walk and bathe in the natural beauty around you will have you feeling refreshed, recharged, and in-tune with the universe around you.

(Tip: Don’t worry if it’s raining, this can actually be better! Water is nature’s aura cleanser, imagine the raindrops washing away the negative energy you are carrying around. If you are able, try going for a swim in a natural body of water with the intention of clearing your aura. The effects are almost instantaneous!)

Try Smudging:

Smudging is a Native American practice that uses herbs (usually sage) to clear away surrounding negative energy. It involves burning these herbs to bathe the area in a cleansing smoke that will clear the negative aura around you and your space. Be sure to expose your body to the smoke allowing it to reach and cleanse each part of you. Take it a step further and use the smoldering herbs around your home like an incense, or wherever you are feeling is the source of your negative energy.

Surround Yourself With Positive Energy:

Many times, the key to cleansing your aura is realizing where the negative energy that is disrupting you is coming from in the first place. If needed, limit the negative things or the negative people that are toxic in your life. As we mentioned, your aura is constantly interacting with the world around you. If someone or something is causing your aura to drain, it is important to identify that source, and limited it.

Replace that negative energy with positive energy. Have you ever noticed that there are some people you just immediately ‘click’ with? Have you ever left a person or place feeling completely recharged and smiling for the rest of the day? These people and places are radiating positive energy, and are complementary to your aura. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with as much positive energy as you can to balance out the negative energy in your life to cleanse your aura and keep it healthy.

Hire an Energy Healer:

An energy healer, like a spiritual life coach, will help you to identify the negative aspects and blockages in your life. Your energy healer/ spiritual life coach will help you to evaluate realign you and your energy. Think of it like a check-up at the doctor for your spiritual well being.

Spiritual life coaching and energy healing with Cindy Healing Services can help you to get back on the right track with your energy. Together, we can identify where the blockages are lying in your life that are disrupting your energy, and impeding on your success. With your newly positive and cleansed aura field, we will be able to determine a path for your success in all areas of life. Contact us now for more information about spiritual life coaching and energy healing with Cindy Healing Services to discuss how we can help get you to the life you want to lead.

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