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Focus Concentration…

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

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If you are working in a job and it seems not fulfilling this is a wake-up call. Your life is waiting to create abundance through you. When you operate on your gifts that were given by the creator your life becomes effortless of creating because you are a divine being. Your divinity inside of you is an overflow of abundance. God said in all your getting, get wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

What did God actually mean? You are an effortless creator. Your flesh only knows the outside of circumstances of obtaining things. Life should always flow from inner to outer. Once you have a prosperous soul, you should build your marriage, relationship, career, health, and wealth on that foundation because you become unshakable in your circumstances.

You will no longer live life unconsciously but you are now operating in awareness in living a conscious life. You will have a better understanding of who you are, your partner, managing your wealth, and the life you desire to live.

Take your time to rest and reflect. Life is not always about actions and implementing them. You must listen to your body and rest from trying to do things in your human ability. Allow this divine energy to work through you and trust the process. If you do not rest your body will send you signals by being sick.

Do not confuse movement with the process. Working seven days a week to just get money is not the same as manifest something great beyond your imagination and it takes consciousness to help you so trust yourself. You have survived a lot and you will continue to survive whatever is coming.

Once you line yourself up with the Universe your intuition will send messages to your soul for you to prosper to that next level. You will only hear the message when you are rested. Remember energy from your consciousness can not come through with a very active mind. If you are a go-getter your mind is overactive and you must take time to rest to listen to your inner self.

Nurture yourself doing rest time because people that do not give the body rest will often feel depress or low energy. Do not chase money because money does not have a consciousness it is low energy and made out of paper. Put yourself on a high vibration level so your inner being can guide you towards things to give you a prosperous life. All things flow effortlessly when you trust your inner wisdom.

All great ideas come from thought. God said to write down the vision and make it plain so those who see their vision may run with it. All the great philosophers said thought becomes things. So this is a universal message of teaching everyone that life is created from a vision.

But how do we get to that vision? Set the goal base on what it is pertaining to the vision. You must write it down! You are not going to know-how so it is listening to your inner self on taking small steps to implement it each day in your life. Reverse engineering is seeing that vision and drawing all things to your life in the here and now. Base on the vision, writing it down, and action its bringing things in your life to you effortlessly.

Everything in life you have now thanked God for your blessing, this is showing gratitude and you can not aspect more to come into your life if you not grateful in the here and Now. Live in the moment of blessing now and feel all the good energy that life has to offer you.

During this time you must trust the process and all is in divine timing. Build your self worth and confidence by saying, I AM that I AM. This is power in speaking your divine nature. All things come from thoughts, faith, actions, and speaking. Speak those things as though it was, even though it did not come to pass yet because faith without works is dead!

Commit your entire being to your growth and process. Stay grounded in positive energy with uplifting people who are also on the path of life. Life is abundance in all areas, relationship, career, health, and wealth. Start building your network because you have your own gifts and abilities and sometimes we need help from others to build the things we want in life. Find a mentor, life coach, spiritual teacher, or counselor.

All these are helpful tools just move your life forward. Be persistent and think of all the great possibilities. Write down the things that scare you and excite you at the same time. Live your life of peace, wealth, love, health, and happiness. It's your birthright as a divine being to live a prosperous soul. Enjoy and happy creating!!!

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