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Anything is possible when we believe💞

Dear Readers,

These stories will have you hanging over the edge. From intense love making, betrayal, miracle, and horrifying paranormal events. Elizabeth believes her brother Santos knows the mystery behind the wishing well. Elizabeth is a writer who is experiencing paranormal. She rekindles with a lost lover from ten years ago name Fergus. But there are forces that seems to stop their connection. Elizabeth is still married to Juan. Samantha is an artist. But there is a reason why love have not knocked at her door. Felix Is a traditional woman who is still married to Henry for forty years. Will Elizabeth follow the same path or chase dark shadow?

Santos and Ricardo are heading for a reckless end until the three wishes laid in the well bought them back into, “Elevation.” Dalila and Devin are married. But the roles in their household have changed. They are struggling with their identity. It is going take faith and hope for these two couples to see the light. Anaconda is a male DMV entertainer. But when Elizabeth research him she found out he is much more than that…

Coming Soon...


Three Wishes at the Well

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