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Be Authentic!

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Being authentic is accepting your dark and light energy without being judgmental of yourself and others. If any human says they live without darkness we know that is not true because we still have light and day, the moon and sun, and even in a battery we have a positive and negative charge. If we say we going to remove the negative and let the battery keep the positive we know it is not going to work. So be authentic by accepting those not so good thoughts and shine a light on it so you can live a balanced life.

In the beginning, God stood in darkness before saying let there be light. So the earth was in darkness without form. This is when God decided to create, saying let there be light and he divides the darkness from it. Did he remove it? No, so let's be aware the polarity is needed on earth. The light was not created without the depth of darkness first. Be authentic and shine a light on the dark areas to live in your true divine nature to create a life of light and love by speaking it.

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