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Are you ready to learn more about yourself???

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Aura Color Profile:

Center (violet): Your personality is wise, spiritual and you in tune with your inner self

Traits: Magical and spiritual advance

Center (indigo): Your personality is sensitive: you experience deep feelings

Traits: introverted, artistic and intuitive

Center( blue): Your personality is tranquil and sensitive

Traits: peaceful, nurturing, loyal, and helpful

Center( green): Your personality is social and communicative

Traits: content, harmonious and quick-minded

Center (yellow): Your personality is joyful and optimistic

Traits: playful, sunny, creative, and curious

Center( orange): Your personality is compassionate and courageous

Traits: intelligent, scientific, and detail-oriented

Center( red): Your personality is dominant and powerful

Traits: Active, passionate, materialistic, and have a strong will-power

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