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Are you a twin flame??

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Spiritual connection

This is the number one topic people ask me regarding their connections with their partners. I am a twin flame so I am going to speak from my personal experience. While I will elaborate on key points to this connection, everyone's experience is different but the basic points are obvious.

1). When I was young, I always knew a special person would connect to my heart.

2). A knowing is present but will try to reason in your mind you going crazy. The mind will not know because it only reflexes on life experiences. The soul knows it is a recognizing coming from within.

3). This person will not look like your physical type but there is an attraction that is pulling you together.

4). You will tell them the good, bad, and ugly about you. You will possibly say anything to see if this connection is real.

5). They will touch your heart in a way that your own soul family you knew for so long didn’t penetrate your soul like this connection.

6). When there is a miscommunication you will apologize instantly because hurting them is like hurting yourself.

7). You will pray for their happiness.

8). There is no jealousy and when you see each other the time is spent on catching up conversations.

9). The hug is like a lost friend you finally found.

10). You will let them fulfill their purpose with a soulmate knowing it is part of their journey to healing.

11). Sex with them brings up all your hidden aspect of yourself that needs to heal.

12). Timing is never right they might be married or you.

13). You move from illusion to reality after this connection.

14 You will shift to the 5 Dimension.

15). Not afraid to let them go in peace because you know God's timing is best.

16) They show up in your dreams and there is always a reason why they show up.

17). You smile for no reason thinking about them.

18). You will begin your mission with hopes of seeing them again soon.

19). When in each other presence don’t always have to talk the quiet moments are blissful too.

20). You will know God orchestrated the time you met, separated, and possibly reunited.

21). The animals know who you are. Pay attention to the white doves flying around you.

22). A whirlwind is present at the time of the first kiss you might think you going crazy because you might hear angels rejoicing or see a vision.

23). You know this person will play a significant role in your life and you are here to serve humanity.

*My book information below speak about how I met soul mates than a twin-flame connection

Book description:

Born and raised in the projects, Cindy grew up believing in God and magic despite the challenges that surround her. Although she never understood what was missing from her life, Cindy always felt she belonged in a faraway place and ached to be there again. As a reincarnated soul, she was angry at the family who she came to heal, and forgotten who she was and why she came to Earth. In a compelling memoir, Cindy discloses how she continued on a coming-of-age journey that includes a pregnancy at the age of sixteen, the tragic loss of her daughter's father in a car accident, unresolved childhood issues, and the ups and downs of an abusive relationship.

Finally, after many Cosmo connections and attempt suicide, Cindy reveals how she shifted back into higher consciousness and received a universal message that helps her to not only heal herself but also inspire others to do the same. Cosmo connections share the true story of one woman's journey through life as she bravely faced adversity and overcome her obstacles to attain spiritual enlightenment. Go to the store to shop here on the website or free wix app.

Now Available on Amazon: Cosmo Connections

By: Cindy

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