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Born and raised in the projects, Cindy grew up believing in God and magic despite the challenges that surrounded her. Although she never understood what was missing from her life, Cindy always felt she belonged in a faraway place and ached to be there again. As a reincarnated soul, she was angry at the family she came to heal, and had forgotten who she was and why she needed to come to Earth. But all that was about to change when she turned nine.

In a compelling memoir, Cindy discloses how she continued on a coming-of-age journey that included a pregnancy at age sixteen, tragic loss of her daughter father in a car accident, unresolved childhood issues, and the ups and downs of an abusive relationship. Finally after many Cosmo connections and an attempted suicide, Cindy reveals how she shifted back into higher consciousness and received a universal message that helped her not only to heal herself, but also inspired others to do the same.

Cosmo Connections

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