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Are You creating your life consciously or unconsciously??

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Conscious Living!!

Set your goals and good intentions. Write it down and be flexible. "Write down the vision; make it plain, so he may run who reads it." ( Habakkuk 2:2). Some people are still repeating the same unconscious behavior that programmed their mind when they were young. Its time to fix your default system! Fix your computer chip ( mind).

Self-Development & Spiritual Growth

When creating your life you can:

  • Use self-reflections

  • People that come into our life is a mirror of ourselves

  • Want to change your life, change the mirror in others by going within to fix yourself

  • track your journey and write down things you learn about yourself

  • have a focus point to where you want to go

  • don't be afraid to explore to see what makes your soul happy

  • if you do not create your life it will be created unconsciously because our mind is always active.

  • explore your childhood trauma to heal in order to move forward

  • find the trigger points in relationship and see why did it affect you and confront it within yourself.

  • spend time with yourself to meditate and in nature

  • be careful who you listen to and the image of the Tv show that goes in your subconscious mind because where attention goes energy flows

  • find a mentor, life coach, and spend time reading positive or inspirational quotes

  • You should live your life in awareness, consciousness and let your wise being inside of you guide you because that is the flow of the universe.

  • whatever you create in your energetic field will always be with you because energy can not be altered or destroyed so create a life of peace, abundance, joy, contentment, and gratitude.

  • write down your thoughts and organize them to have control over it

  • living an unconscious life is destroyed by oneself and not living in awareness.

  • never ignore a negative thought because dreams and thoughts are coming from the subconscious mind to help you move along to be aware to improve yourself.

Guidance in reaching goals and Aspirations

The elements of life are building a business from the inside out to create the life you desire. All great ideas come from thought. God said to write down the vision and make it plain so those who see their vision may run with it. All the great philosophers said thought becomes things. So this is a universal message of teaching everyone that life is created from a vision. But how do we get to that vision? Set the goal base on what it is pertaining to the vision. You must write it down! You are not going to know-how so it is listening to your inner self on taking small steps to implement it each day in your life. Reverse engineering is seeing that vision and drawing all things to your life in the here and now. Base on the vision, writing, it down, and action its bringing things in your life to you effortlessly.

Everything in life you have now thanked God for your blessing, this is showing gratitude and you can not aspect more to come into your life if you not grateful in the here and Now. Live in the moment of blessing now and feel all the good energy that life has to offer you. During this time you must trust the process and all is in divine timing. Build your self worth and confidence by saying, I AM that I AM. This is power in speaking your divine nature. All things come from thoughts, faith, actions, and speaking. Speak those things as tho it was even though it did not come to pass yet because faith without works is dead!

Commit your entire being to your growth and process. Stay grounded in positive energy with uplifting people who are also on the path of life. Life is abundance in all areas, relationship, career, health, and wealth. Start building your network because you have your own gifts and abilities and sometimes we need help from others to build the things we want in life. Find a mentor, life coach, spiritual teacher, or counselor. All these are helpful tools just move your life forward. Be persistent and think of all the great possibilities. Write down the things that scare you and excite you at the same time. Live your life of peace, wealth, love, health, and happiness. It's your birthright as a divine being to live a prosperous soul. Enjoy and happy creating!!!

Self Awareness and Love in Relationships with Soulmate or Twin flame

Where did relationships originate from?

*If you don't know who you are how can you know what relationship to find? How do you go back to the root of all-cause? If you do not transition through these stages of psychosocial development from childhood it will play out in your adult life unconsciously.

Erikson’s Stages of Human Development

Erikson's stages of development is a series of eight stages through which a healthy developing individual passes from the cradle to the grave.

Stage 1: Trust versus Mistrust

Stage 2: Autonomy versus Shame and Doubt

Stage 3: Initiative versus Guilt

Stage 4: Industry versus Inferiority

Stage 5: Ego Identity versus Role Confusion

Stage 6: Intimacy versus IsolationStage

7: Generativity versus Stagnation

Stage 8: Ego Integrity versus Despair

Being aware of these can help us as counselors to understand issues that clients of different ages may bring.

So for those who had a problem with trust as a child will have issues of trust in their marriage or relationship. So being aware where it originated from will help you and your environment to heal. Another example some people have trouble with identity and role confusion. So they unaware of bringing these types of energy into a relationship as an adult. Dive deep to see how you can heal.

Relationship Advice

Some people are having problems with intimacy with a partner. But if you are growing in self-development and spiritually and your partner is not, you become unequal yoke. They have to make a conscious choice to grow with you. Love should be effortless it is a feeling beyond our control. At the end of the day, everyone seeks love and passion. My belief we all came to earth to live in a union of love. Love is the foundation of anything. If someone is unforgiven or holding a grudge they block the flow of love which is energy. Speak about your hurt and emotions with your partner.

Do not allow circumstances of money or such keep you confined to a relationship that is painful, get your own power back and be in union with someone who is willing to work on the relationship to move forward. Sometimes co-parenting is the option to go if there is a lot of arguing and fighting. Allow yourself free time to reflect and do not act out of anger with words that later become a regret. Some people are holding on an unfruitful relationship because of the time spent with a partner and they are afraid to let go and rather feel hurt but being with someone and not being love is a feeling of loneliness. Sometimes it is best to be alone to seek a better understand of self so you can build a relationship that is in awareness of the partner you truly want instead of repeating a childhood behavior unconsciously. Take a moment to reflex on life and your choices.

Protect your energy field to make sure you allow the correct energetic person into your life and not because of circumstance. Because when its time to break up it becomes painful because people are unaware that having sex is interexchange energy. This become a loss of power when it is not shared with someone who is one the same journey with you. You can release it by stop having sex with that person until you get clear on both the partner's path and where you are heading. Seek advice, counseling, and healing to move your life forward in love and long-lasting commitment.

Be whole within yourself and accept your light and dark energy if not these forces show up on the outside and it will hurt you because you creating your life unconsciously by holding these thoughts in your subconscious mind. Be honest with each other because a house fill with chaos is a life of misery. If you are seeking counseling alone this is awareness. Release yourself from it because you riding solo. Once you live in your truth your companionship will be a bliss and you can start a journey of love and commitment.

Twin flame

There is another page that speaks about twin flame. You must seek your inner wisdom because not all twin flame will be lovers in the third dimension. The main purpose of the twin flame is to help with the ascension process. Both twins have to have an agreement to be in a physical relationship. From my experience, they are more aligned with your energetic field. It's becoming more balance of the yin and yang polarities. A twin flame is advance souls you are spiritually wise and in tune with their inner self. They are guides for other souls to show them awareness and use consciousness to live conscious on earth.

Twin flame should be honest with each other and if they are hurting they must say it, if not it become the runner and chaser dynamic which is an imbalanced life. Go within yourself and speak your truth. Stop paying someone to get you in harmony union with your twin flame if it is not part of your journey. You must be clear and talk to your other energy in order to shift into your calling and purpose which is walking in your divine nature. Everything within a twin flame environment for each other mainly triggers used as a catalyst to become who you are and be whole within yourself.

A Lifestyle of Creating a Dream Career, Time & financial


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