Living in Harmony with the Universe

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I am Dr. Tara Queen, Ph.D. a holistic practitioner. The services I offer are spiritual life coaching, healing, adversity, fear, anxiety, career, personal development, holistic health, and I am a published author.

My purpose in life is to awaken the god in people so they could reach their full potential and serve others.

What is my philosophy? Joy and happiness are our birthrights. Success is in all areas of life. Spiritual, financial, physical, and psychological. I believe everyone was placed on this planet for a reason and that we all have gifts and abilities to share with the world.

Areas covered include:

Self-awareness and Love in a relationship with a soul mate or twin flame.




Career:  Lifestyle of creating a dream career and financial freedom

Guidance in reaching goals and aspirations 




Self development and Spiritual growth

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