What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

A spiritual life coach can also be called a holistic life coach, metaphysical life coach, or alternative life coach. All of these terms define spiritual life coaching, and its effort to help people make the most of themselves to live their lives in a meaningful way. We all have an innate metaphysical connection to the universe and a unique, individual purpose that makes us great. A spiritual life coach helps you to discover this hidden potential by helping you to cleanse yourself of any spiritual or emotional blockages that are inhibiting you. A spiritual life coach will help you to change your obstacles into opportunities to grow spiritually and live a more authentic and intentional lifestyle.


How Does a Spiritual Life Coaching Work?

Spiritual life coaching in Annapolis MD will help you to determine what it is you are looking to achieve in life and help you to uncover what is blocking your success. A spiritual life coach can help you to grow spiritually, reach your goals and aspirations, create or find your dream career, achieve financial freedom, find love with a soulmate or twin flame, and live a more fulfilled life.


A spiritual life coach may ask you questions like what are you seeking? What brings you joy? What obstacles keep you from living a life you desire? Or what is your gift and how can you share it with the world? Together, you and your spiritual life coach will work through these questions to gain a deep insight to understand what you’re seeking, how to get there, and why.


What Can I Learn From Having My Aura Read?

You have probably heard of auras being depicted by certain colors. While this is true, the meaning is much deeper than that. Having your aura read with 3D Aura Reading will transcribe your mental, physical, and spiritual state. The color you see is a direct reflection of these states and your inner self. Read more about 3D aura reading and learn more about what these colors mean here.  


Can My Aura Change?

Absolutely, but it will require extensive work on your part. Your aura is a reflection of your current state emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Your aura is made up of many colors, and it takes a skilled aura reader to sense them all. Your main aura color is a reflection of your inner self. This will be difficult if not impossible to change. However, outside factors such as negative emotions can also affect how your aura is perceived. This can be changed with simple lifestyle changes and strengthening your spiritual connection with the help of a spiritual life coach.


How Do I Know If My Chakra is Blocked?

If your body is a machine, your chakras are the cogs, or “wheels” that keep you moving and healthy. Your body is made up of 7 chakras each located in their own position in a vertical line up your spine. Since each chakra regulates a specific portion of your spiritual and physical bodily system, each chakra will tell you that they are blocked in their own specific way. You may feel an imbalance physically, emotionally, or spiritually, but with an understanding of each of these chakras and what they do, it can be quite easy to distinguish a blockage with one of them. Read about each chakra and what they do, see if you notice any blockages right away. If you do, it may be time to see a spiritual life coach.


What is Light and Dark Energy? Like Good and Evil?

Not quite. Light and dark energy can be thought of as two halves to the same whole, rather than two separate opposing forces. It isn’t that light energy is necessarily good, or dark energy is objectively evil either. These two energies are both present within us at all times and must remain balanced. When these two energies are balanced within us, we achieve a state of consciousness and deeper awareness of our inner selves. Read more about how balancing light and dark energy works here.   

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