Balancing Light and Dark Energy

Light and dark are often associated with good and evil, right and wrong, and so on. This is a common misconception. Light and dark can be thought of more closely as day and night, the sun and the moon, yin and yang, or masculinity and femininity. All of these things are necessary sides of the same coin in the universe and within ourselves and it is important that one not outweigh the other. Bringing balance to these two energies within ourselves does not make us better people or worse people as these two energies are neither positive or negative. Rather, a balance of these two energies brings about a state of consciousness or awareness of how our minds, and actions affect the world around us.


At Cindy Healing Services, I will explain dark and light energy and how to recognize their presence within yourself. Through coaching with Dr. Tara Queen, you will also learn to balance these two energies within yourself.

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